. By Willem Verlooy

This masterclass is a must-visit for every pastry enthusiast. You may expect a lot from this masterclass about colours. On when to use which colour, aligning your colours with festivities or with certain seasons, or matching your colours with the taste in pastry. Combinations that are essential to your pastry design.

As the surface is extremely important for a colour Willem will show how to use colours in chocolate but also on dry surfaces. Showing the process of these colours from start to finish. But also, how to use colours in glazes. And on how to combine colours in different layers of a pastry. A complete and colourful package during this masterclass.

Willem Verlooy. Be, Entrepreneur & Pastry Chef. Always guaranteeing a special taste by using pure ingredients & unique colours. Only the best is good enough for this pastry chef. Willem works with the best colleagues and ingredients. His creations can be found in multiple high-end restaurants all under the slogan “Made with passion by Willem Verlooy”. This explains exactly how he creates his high-end pastries. Over the years he has been featured as a rising star in the book of the best pastry chef in the world by Roger van Damme and doing demonstrations across the world!