Masters of Pastry

Design in pastry. 

Masters of Pastry is for pastry chefs to learn techniques from the best, to be informed on the latest trends, and explore the unlimited possibilities of Zeelandia pastry ingredients.

Connecting and inspiring professionals who share the same passion for pastry as we do.


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Getting into the finals.

Worldwide, teams from over 20 countries participated in the preliminary sessions. Representing Poland, Italy and Greece, three teams made it to the Finals with every team consisting of a pastry chef supported by a Zeelandia pastry chef. 

Facing two remarkable challenges in live final, these three teams will show their best pastry skills to convince the jury who of them is the best of the best.  

Meet the finalists.

On May 19-20 these finalists will immerse themselves to become Masters of Pastry 2021.

Get to know them.

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The jury.

Willem Verlooy and Ramon Huigsloot, both talented and renowned international pastry chefs, will be responsible to evaluate the job of the contestants and making it a fair play. Together with the online audience, they will be the ones choosing the winner of Masters of Pastry 2021.


Willem Verlooy

Entrepreneur & Pastry Chef


Willem is a young entrepreneur & Pastry Chef. Always guaranteeing a special taste by using pure ingredients & unique colours.

Only the best is good enough for this pastry chef. Willem works with the best colleagues and ingredients. His creations can be found in multiple high-end restaurants all under the slogan “Made with passion by Willem Verlooy”. This explains exactly how he creates his haute couture pastries.

Over the years he has been featured as a rising star in the book of the best pastry chef in the world by Roger van Damme and doing demonstrations across the world!

Ramon Huigsloot

Pastry Chef


Ramon is an internationally known pastry chef. He was a finalist in the World Chocolate Masters. Next to that, he is an official Zeelandia pastry Chef.

During his extended career, 
he has worked and mastered the craft of shapes in pastry. This made it one of his strongest skills.

He also develops exclusive desserts for various high-end restaurants and gives pastry demonstrations around the world. His continuous inventive pastry creations amaze consumers all over the world.