Flavours. By Adrian Ciaurriz.

This masterclass is about the crucial part of your dish, the flavour! In this masterclass our host, Adrian Ciaurriz, will tell you everything you need to know on the aspect of taste. Adrian will go over the theory of understanding why flavour is so important. How to play with other elements linked to flavour, how to change the taste perception of your pastry by using specific display or textures, and much more. Tips and tricks that you can use right away. To give your own pastries that extra touch.

Adrian Ciaurriz is a Pastry Chef who at his young age of 23 has already been team member of different Michelin star restaurants!

Next to that, he is also a culinary teacher and creative manager at Espai Sucre. He aims to diversify the palette of desserts as unexpectedly as possible, showing that desserts are not only sweets. You can expect to see some unique ways to create your favourite pastry. We can say that he will add a fresh and international flavour to his masterclass. Adrian will share a top-notch method developed by him and other flavour experts to teach us how to decode flavours and combinations. Watch out for this masterclass full of learnings!