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What is 
Masters of Pastry?

Zeelandia's Masters of Pastry is a competition for professional pastry chefs and pastry enthusiasts around the world to gain inspiration for creating their own winning pastry, cake or confectionary full of remarkable taste sensations to enjoy.

Be informed on the latest trends and techniques and learn from the best. From taste to texture and shapes, aligning flavours and colours. And discover new ways to create. To become the best 'Master of Pastry’ you yourself can be.

This year's edition, Masters of Pastry assembles Zeelandia Pastry Chefs from all over Europe to create healthier pastry and signature recipes based on Zeelandia's Nativa and V-GO solutions.

On September 7-8, 2022, Zeelandia will organize the finals of this year’s competition in which Zeelandia pastry chefs will compete for the Masters of Pastry title.

This year's challenge -
Creating healthier pastry.

the Masters.

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Exploring new bakery opportunities has been in the DNA of Zeelandia for more than a century. Now, more than ever, our focus is on offering a variety of ingredients, products, and recipes that are better for our consumers and our planet.

We believe that people are best served by eating a balanced variety of foods that make them feel good, that provide them with the nutrients they need and to celebrate life's precious moments.

As Zeelandia we provide bakeries, both large and small, with opportunities to offer their consumers moments of indulgence and the healthy alternatives they are looking for, supporting their health and well-being.