Shapes. By Ramon Huigsloot.

The shape of your pastry is one of the first things your client will see when he receives his dish. And as you know, first impressions count. That’s why this masterclass is fully dedicated to the shape of your masterpiece.

To be able to make these types of outstanding shapes, you first have to be able to imagine them. Luckily Ramon will help us through the entire process of creating these shapes and give us an insight into how he does it himself. And then there are different ways to implement these unique shapes in your pastry. And last but not least, Ramon will help us make a system on how to use these shapes in an easy way for your production. Because these shapes will be useless when you can’t produce them.

This masterclass will give you a complete insight into how our professional pastry chef creates his shapes from start to finish. Making it an essential masterclass for every pastry enthusiast.

Ramon Huigsloot. NL, World Chocolate Masters Finalist. During his career, he has worked on thousands of shapes. This made it one of his strongest skills.

Ramon is an internationally known pastry chef. He was also a finalist in the world Chocolate masters. Next to that, he’s an official Zeelandia pastry Chef.

He develops exclusive desserts for various high-end restaurants and gives pastry demonstrations around the world. His creations will pamper and amaze you and your customers.