Meet the finalists.

Giannis Tsixlis

Chef-owner of the pastry shop Durée du Goût in Chalandri

Chef-owner of the pastry shop Durée du Goût in Chalandri. His extended experience contributed to develop a great natural instinct when creating new pastries.

His innate talent to modify recipes using unexplored flavour combinations, but yet appealing and good tasting makes Giannis a top maitre pâtissier.

He has participated in the Estia Awards 2018, where his shop gained the Silver Award for the total experience of the consumer, from beginning to end.


Vagelis Kallioras

Technical Customer Support for pastry in Sefco Zeelandia

He is unique at capturing an image everyday image and turning it into a pastry creation. He is also known for his fruit-shaped pastries which are his signature and specialty.

Furthermore, together with Giannis, they participated in the national qualifiers for Masters of Pastry 2021, at which they were crowned as the winner and got the pass to the finals.


Fabio Ferrari

Pastry chef and owner of the renowned San Francesco pastry shop

Fabio Ferrari, pastry chef, and owner of the renowned San Francesco pastry shop in Lainate, someone of reference for gourmands in the region.

His specialty is the fermented products that he makes with his sourdough that has been kept alive since the 1980s.

In 2017 he was one of the top pastry chefs at “Salone del cioccolato“ and he dressed up as a model only with chocolate!


Valentina Scanavacca

Pastry chef in Novaterra Zeelandia

The best pastry chef in Novaterra Zeelandia, she has mastered her craft after 15 years of dedication.

She is specialized in fine baked desserts and chocolate pieces. She loves creating pastries from different kinds but covering them with chocolate is her thing.

Her well known New York cheesecake would transport you to Times Square with one bite!


Karol Płachta

Pastry Chef in Cukiernia Sowa


A promising pastry Chef with 9 years of experience. Working as pastry Chef in “Cukiernia Sowa”, he is the responsible for cakes and decorations. He is very passionate about modern pastry and pastry trends worldwide.

His specialties are cakes and plated desserts and is there where he brings his creativity beyond the limits. He participated in several national competitions, achieving top places!


Urszula Bartecka-Matuszewska

Experienced pastry Chef


Experienced pastry Chef, she trained with the best in the industry in Poland and Europe. She conducts trainings for professionals and amateur confectioners.

Exceptional manual skills, which she successfully uses in her job. Her speciality is de- coration, attention to detail and aesthetics of modern applications. She participated in several competitions, also in role of a jury.